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Current News & Events


November 2017

Nexgard is now buy 3, get 1 free until the end of the year! (this promo cannot be combined with other rebate offers at this time)

October 2017

There's enough scary monsters to worry about in October, but heartworm, fleas, and intestinal parasites don't need to be another one of them!

Trifexis is now Buy 6, get 1 free! (for the month of October only)

October 2017

Dr. Weldy's would like to welcome Dr. Michelle Getz to the practice!

June 2017

Dr. Weldy's would like to welcome Dr. Kaylie Fritts to the practice!

June 2016

Dr. Weldy's would like to welcome Dr. Kyle DeYoung to the practice!

June 2015

Dr. Weldy's would like to welcome Dr. Ashley Miller to the practice!

April 2014

Dr. Weldy's is happy to announce that we carry a new Flea and Tick chewable preventative: Nexgard!

October 2013

Pet Owners-FDA warns about use of Jerky Treats

June 2013

Dr. Weldy's would like to welcome Dr. Jason Heitzman to the practice!

February 2013

Dr. Weldy's is excited to announce that we will now be offering after-hour Emergency Care for dogs and cats in addition to farm animals!

February 2013 

Dr. Weldy's would like to welcome Dr. Teresa Alessandri to the practice!


Interceptor is still on a Manufacturer Back-Order.  We have no idea when this product will be back on the market.  We apologize for the inconvience!

October 2012

Dr. Weldy's is excited to announce that Comfortis - a 30 day pill for fleas - is now licensed for cats as well as dogs!

September 2012

Dr. Weldy's now offers ProHart 6 - A 6 month injection for Heartworm protection!

May 2012

Dr. Weldy's now carries Iverhart Plus and Iverhart Max - Heartworm and intestinal worm prevention!

September 2011

Dr. Weldy's welcomes Doctor Kathryn Ernst to the practice.  

April 2011

Dr. Weldy's now carries Trifexis - a new Flea & Heartworm prevention combination from Elanco!

February 2011

Dr. Weldy's would like to annouce that we now accept Care Credit!

November 2010

Dr. Weldy's welcomes new Pet Groomer, Renee Pearison to the practice. See Pet Grooming page for more information.

June 2010

Dr. Weldy's welcomes Doctor Jolene Birney to the practice.